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September 30, 2002: Google History

Finally, honoring Google's birthday, Gary Price has found some great pieces of Google's history:

19960107: "I have a web robot which is a Java app."
19971204: "BackRub is a 'web crawler' which is designed to traverse the web."
19971210: "If your question is not answered here [...] call [] and ask for Larry."
19971210: " This is a demo of the Google Search Engine. [...] Number of Web Pages Fetched: 24 million"
19980510: "Current Repository Size: ~25 million pages"
19981111: "Index contains ~25 million pages (soon to be much bigger)"
19981202: "Google! BETA"
19990508: "Google can make you feel lucky!"
19990508: "Here is our main logo full size, created using GIMP. If you want to hack on it, here is the XCF file."
19990607: " Google Receives $25 Million in Equity Funding"

Thanks, Gary!

Posted by Aaron Swartz on September 30, 2002 09:43 PM