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October 03, 2002: Google Brawls

Want Google to settle a fight? There's Google Fight, Google Smackdown (seems to currently be down) and, if you're on Freenode, /msg datum .googlecount and, as Eric Baillargeon points out, these are rather useful tools when combined with link: and site: and other Google modifiers.

But meanwhile a bigger fight has been brewing. Google's recently changed their rating algorithms and the Google-obsessed Web has been abuzz. Mark Pilgrim has a good summary of the issues and closes with the question "Is this the beginning of the end of Google's reign?" (Thanks, Matt!)

Also, people have been pointing out that if you use Google Monitor, you might just end up in a fight with Google yourselves. It's specifically on their webmaster don'ts list.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on October 03, 2002 05:05 PM