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In addition to the still video captures from the more than 20 TV stations we've indexed, we've made the free, user-submitted content from our recently announced "Video Upload" program available to the world for playback. Right there in the browser, and for free.

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The Google video plugin is now available for free for Windows 2000 or later users. The plugin, rumored to be based on VLC (source code is said to be coming soon), lets users play Google video files right from their browser. The video files appear to be a mix of DivX and mpeg audio.

What kind of free content can be found on Google Video? Since we launched our upload program, the team's been busy reviewing and organizing everything that was sent to us. As I'm sure you can imagine, we've got a lot of video ranging from karate monkeys to break dancing contests -- all very unique and valuable in its own way.

A couple of our favorite examples include the videos that were sent to us from Link TV and UNICEF. When a user searches for "saddam statue falls baghdad", they can watch a 25 minute news clip from the Middle East. Users can now access Link TV's valuable archive of non-commercial news programs for free. Similarly, when a user searches for "UNICEF David Beckham", they can watch a one-minute clip on David Beckham helping the UNICEF team in Copenhagen. When watching this video, the benefit to UNICEF becomes clear: Now people can watch and learn more about UNICEF. Google provides UNICEF with a free platform they can use to share their information. And users get to see free videos that weren't as easily accessible in the past.

Sample search: saddam statue falls baghdad, sample news program

posted 2005-06-27T11:49:31