Happy Bastille Day! (#)

Fete du 14 Juillet

Thanks to Dung Nguyen for pointing out this new logo up on Google.fr!

July 4th (#)

Happy 4th of July /></p>

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Canada Day Logo (#)

Special World Cup Logos (#)

Now that the World Cup has been one, I'll share the special Google Logos:

First there's the generic World Cup logo. Next there are special ones for Korea and Japan, the organizing countries. (Thanks, CHRis!) Finally, there are ones for Brazil and Germany, the two finalists. (Thanks, Stefan!) Congratulations to all.

Foreign Holiday Logos (#)

Many thanks to Jill for pointing us to some foreign Google Holiday Logos that we had missed.

Google Logo with Sun and Music Notes
La Fête de la Musique, France - June 21, 2002

Dragon Boat Festival, China- June 15, 2002

Stay tuned for the Canada Day logo!

Happy Father's Day (#)

Google: Happy Father's Day Logo

Dilbert Logo Revealed (#)

Dilbert: I can't see!Google finally reveals the logo you've been waiting a week for (it's what happens when they merge the logo with their vision plan). Check out the rest of the logos from this week and don't forget that today is the last day to buy the commemorative mug.

Dilbert and the Google Doodle (#)

Cartoonist Scott Adams has donated his hand to a series of Google Doodles starring the characters of Dilbert. It looks like they're thinking up a new logo for Google. Should be interesting!

New Holiday Logos (#)

Google Logo with Melting Clocks Google's put up a great logo for Salvador Dali's birthday. It's based on his famous painting The Persistence of Memory. And today they've changed the first "o" into a flower for Mother's Day. You might also want to check out their Tribute to Our Moms from 2000.

Also check out the fine local logos for St. George's Day (UK) and Children's Day (Japan).

Earth Day 2002 Logo (#)

Google Logo with the Earth Google and the Google Weblog wish you a happy Earth Day. Get outside for a bit today and enjoy yourself!

If you're interested, you can see Google's collection of holiday logos. Also, check out the Korea Herald's interview with Dennis Hwang, the man behind these Google doodles.

Google Microsoft (#)

Google Logo Against Grassy BackgroundA surprising addition to Google's Custom Searches is Google Microsoft. Their system for determining which sites are related to Microsoft seems poor at the moment (the first two hits for "sucks" were survivorsucks.com and metricsucks.com) but is likely to improve.

Happy St. Patrick's Day (#)

Green Google Logo with Four-Leaf Clover Continuing their theme of event-related changes, Google updates their logo for St. Patrick's Day. Check out their other holiday logos and an AP story about their creator.