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January 06, 2004: Google IPOs, Yahoo Attacks

New Yorker: Going Dutch. "Google’s I.P.O. might indeed transform things—just not, as the dreamers hope, in Silicon Valley. What it really could change is Wall Street. [...] [O]ne solution would seem to be to cut out the middlemen. That, as it happens, is what Google is contemplating. [...] A version of this system has been devised by the boutique investment bank W. R. Hambrecht"

SF Chronicle: San Francisco banks Thomas Weisel Partners and WR Hambrecht & Co. are among the firms chosen by Google to sell its IPO shares.

Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs to Manage Google IPO. "a sale that may raise as much as $4 billion, a banker involved in the transaction said." Now would be a good time to get those stock options ready...

Sadly, the IPO will probably mark the beginning of the end for Google.

David Bernstein: Is Google Overrated? "I used to love Google [...] But it has severe limitations, and rather than improving, it's gotten worse over the years as commercial interests have learned to game its technology"

Down Jones: Yahoo Gets Set to Give Google Run for Money. "First, Yahoo is expected to dump Google as the primary search technology [...] Second, Yahoo wants to combine personalization and customization features to extend the usefulness of searches. Third, it plans to expand its use of 'paid inclusion,' [...] The strategy [is] to add features its rival can't easily match."

Posted by Aaron Swartz on January 06, 2004 01:03 PM