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April 07, 2003: Googlethreats

Wired News: Microsoft Covets Google's Niche. '"We do view Google more and more as a competitor. We believe that we can provide consumers with a better product and a better user experience. That's something that we're actively looking at doing," said Bob Visse, director of marketing for Microsoft's MSN Internet services division.' Um, riiiiight.

NYT: Yahoo Plans Improvements in Effort to Regain Lost Ground. "Yahoo is adding some features and removing some graphic advertising to make its service look more like the clean, simple style of Google. Moreover, Yahoo is trying to distinguish its search results by including information from its array of other services, many of them not offered by Google."

A preview of the new Yahoo! search is available.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on April 07, 2003 01:02 PM