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March 04, 2003: AllTheWeb Redesigns to Look More Like Google

AllTheWeb, which you might recall was just bought by Google's largest competitor, has redesigned to look more like Google.

From SearchDay: "There is no reason to reinvent the wheel," said Peter Bauert, Director of Business Development for FAST. "Having said that, there's no way you can compete on look and feel alone."

SearchDay adds: "Coming hard on the heels of last week's purchase of AlltheWeb by Overture, it's fair to ask whether this change has been prompted by AlltheWeb's new owner, to make the search engine more Google-like. Absolutely not, says Tim Mayer, FAST's vice president web search."

AllTheWeb has a page on their recent changes.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on March 04, 2003 08:24 AM