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January 21, 2003: Google in BusinessWeek

Two BusinessWeek articles (via gooGuide):

Google's Gaggle of Problems.

'sources say Yahoo has grown tired of's popularity and may soon cut its tie to the company. "The portals have started to get fed up. Over the last three years, Google has stolen 40% of the search market directly at the expense of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo," says Jason Kellerman, CEO of search-technology company LookSmart, which has a deal with MSN.'

'measurements by Web traffic tracker Nielsen NetRatings, AOL [which uses Google's results and ads] and together get six times the search traffic of Yahoo, the closest competitor.'

Will Froogle Be a Google for Shoppers? "As a Google fanatic -- my wife claims I sometimes murmur Google in my sleep -- I was too excited to wait for the final release [of Froogle]. Alas, after some unscientific research and lots of experimenting with the beta version, I have to report that Froogle definitely isn't the best way to find bargains on the Net."

Posted by Aaron Swartz on January 21, 2003 08:44 AM