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January 02, 2003: Forbes: Google makes $100M in profit, ready for IPO

Forbes: Worst and Best Picks. "One bright spot will be Internet growth. The search site Google is queued up for a first-quarter IPO off of surprisingly virile numbers--some $300 million in 2002 sales, $100 million in profit. Profit?... For an IPO?... An Internet IPO? Yep."

It's not clear where he's getting this information, or how accurate it is. It was my understanding Google kept pretty quiet about their numbers.

And, like Wired, I hope they don't go IPO: "When the IPO comes, it will bring riches - and more problems. As a private company, Google has one master: users. As a public company, there are shareholders to worry about. And more than happy users, shareholders want ever-greater profits."

Posted by Aaron Swartz on January 02, 2003 07:46 AM