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November 06, 2002: 4 Billion Documents, 36 Countries Served

Nate from Google writes in:

You may have noticed the change to the number on the Google homepage this morning. Google now enables users to search more than 3 billion web pages--making Google the largest and most comprehensive search engine in the world.

More than 40 percent of these 3 billion web pages are authored in non-English languages. Even with the recent growth in the index, Google still delivers a list of relevant results in less than half-a-second. And, Google offers users access to more than 330 million images and nearly 800 million Usenet newsgroup postings--bringing the total for the entire Google index to more than 4 billion web documents.

Google also unveiled today new country-specific domains in Poland and Thailand. This brings the total number of Google country-specific domains to 36. More than 50 percent of Google's traffic comes from overseas and these recent additions to Google's network of international sites demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to serving its growing international audience.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on November 06, 2002 08:11 PM