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September 13, 2002: Chinese Google Update

An anonymous Chinese user wrote in to say that while Google is back, the cache search feature is not. This would validate the guess that the Chinese government was actually afraid of people using the cache to visit blocked websites.

In other news, the Google Watch folks have their own Google proxy which not only protects you from government censorship, but also from Google's use of identifying cookie information. They have an article suggesting that China blocked Google because of the cookies, whch I find rather hard-to-believe.

Also, if you're a programmer, don't forget about Google Web APIs, which give you complete access to Google.

And via Cory Doctorow we find the H.P. Lovecraft search engine, Cthuuugle. It's got some useful suggestions for what to do if your search returns no documents:

Always good to keep in mind.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on September 13, 2002 08:15 PM