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September 03, 2002: Google Looking to Expand?

SV Business Journal: Google eyes larger space. "Google Inc. has signed a letter of intent to occupy 190,000 square feet of office space in Mountain View with the possibility of expanding to 300,000 square feet in the future, according to industry sources. It is the largest proposed lease this year in Silicon Valley [...]"

When I visited Google it was extremely crowded, so I'm not surprised they're picking up more space while it's cheap.

Reuters: Google Hires CFO, Key Post for Growth. "The company hired George Reyes, 48, a former financial officer at Sun Microsystems Inc. At Sun, Reyes worked next to Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who was then the chief technology officer."

These stories taken together, it does sound like somethings up over there.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on September 03, 2002 07:11 PM