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August 15, 2002: Sergey Brin Gives LinuxWorld Keynote

Sergey Brin gave the keynote at LinuxWorld, which explained how and why Google used Linux for their 10,000-machine server farm. Some press coverage is below. Let me know if you find any other articles.

Wired: Linux Feels the Corporate Love. "Imagine heading up a company that's powered by 10,000 Linux servers," Martin Felts, a systems security manager, said. "Logically, I knew it's not like Sergey can just muck around with Google's machinery whenever he has a whim, but still. I think everyone who heard his speech wanted to become Brin for at least a day."

Infoworld: Google gives testimony to Linux scalability. '"We, on a daily basis, even get queries from Antarctica," Brin said. Google probably gets queries from the international space station as well, he said.'

Posted by Aaron Swartz on August 15, 2002 02:23 PM