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July 14, 2002: Custom SiteSearchers

Anil Dash writes in to let us know that Sun's Java Search has a customized interface to Google. They join Cisco, Redhat, BBCi, the Apple Developer Connection and Earthlink in taking advantage of Google's hosted SiteSearch program. Also, Yahoo!, Alexa (which has some very nifty screenshots and collaborative filtering) and Netscape use Custom WebSearch to provide customized views of Google searches.

According to Google, the results "are available via HTTP and can be formatted in XML or Google's proprietary protocol." So I suspect the server simply makes a call to Google's XML feed and reformats the results. This is an interesting alternative to simply handing users off to the Google site.

In other news, thanks to a note from mpt, I've added a link to Google SiteSearch for this site so you can search just the Google Weblog.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on July 14, 2002 05:27 PM