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June 16, 2002: Google Book

via Rael Dornfest we learn that Tara Calishan is writing a book on Google:

As most of you know, I write stuff. And soon I'll be helping put together a book on search engines. Now that the Google API has been released, books on search engines are much more than "use this search technique" (though those are important too.) Now people can put programs together that do Cool Search Things.

If you know of a cool Google technique -- an interesting use of the API, a search trick you think is nifty -- send it in. (I already know about Googlewhacks, Googlematic, Google Smackdown, and Google results by e-mail!)

ALSO, if you have a GOOGLE WISH -- the thought, "Wow, I wish I could do X with Google," send that in too. I might be able to help make your Google Wish come true!

Aww, I wanted to write that book.

Anyway, keep sending in your cool Google tools, techniques and wishes. Thanks!

Posted by Aaron Swartz on June 16, 2002 04:38 PM