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May 23, 2002: Google Wishlist

What do you want to see next from Google?

PageRank information from their API. Google's API is great, but it's missing the really juicy information: a page's PageRank. Is Google afraid to give this information away? (Then why make it available thru the toolbar?) I can think of a lot of interesting applications if they made that one available. Dave Winer notes that he'd like to use it on

Indexing of Mailing Lists. We've got Google Groups indexing newsgroups, but what about mailing lists? Can we please have a decent search alternative somewhere between the utilitarian but hard-to-use mail archive and the ad-bloated and painful Yahoo Groups.

What's on your Google Wishlist? Drop me a line.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on May 23, 2002 08:56 AM